Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Configuration Issues (1)

    Configuration issues, saving, backup, factory default, etc.
  • E1, T1, DS1 Link issues (3)

    Link issues for TDM devices
  • ERPS (1)

    Ethernet Ring Protection Switching or ERPS is an effort at ITU-T under G.8032 recommendation to provide sub-50ms protection and recovery switching for Ethernet in a ring topology.
  • Fiber Link Issues (2)

    Common issues that users experience with our media converters and switches.
  • Forgot Password (5)

    Explains the recovery procedures if management password is forgotten.
  • PoE Issues and Questions (1)

    IEEE802.3af/at comes with some "Gotchas." While PDs must support BOTH Mode A and Mode B to be compliant with the 802.3af/at standard, there is no such requirement for PSEs. There are a few different ways this can lead to mistakes.
  • SNMP Issues (1)

    Help with setup of SNMP and troubleshooting.
  • Unable to Boot (2)

    All of our managed Ethernet switches utilize a dual image flash, which in most cases allows full recovery of the device.
  • VLAN Configuration (4)

    Most users that refer to the user manual or check the online help (click the question mark in the upper right of web page) will figure out the settings they need. But here, we have placed some real case examples with settings.

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