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Industrial Grade Managed Switches
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1) Connect a local serial console to the switch (115.2k,8,N,1)
2) Disconnect all network connections to avoid network loop.
3) With power OFF, connect a UTP patch cable between physical ports 1 & 2
4) Power ON the switch and observe the console messages
  loopback 00:00:08 25/vtss_lb_thread#412: Warning: Loopback detected on ports 1 and 2 -- loading default configuration.
5) The default configuration has been loaded and the switch may login with username 'admin' (no quotes) and no password.
6) Disconnect the physical loop
7a) To leave the switch in factory default, do only the following:
  # copy running-config startup-config
  # reload cold
7b) To only reset the admin password but leave the configuration, do instead the following:
  # copy startup-config running-config
  # conf term
  (config)# username admin privilege 15 password none
  (config)# exit
  # copy running-config startup-config
  # reload cold

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